Fernando's online portfolio

Two flash sites, further below are previous designs of Fort Nando and Heliora. And here are logos, web and visual designs. Games
So I design games, small games. It's more of a learning experience.
Two of the more "finished" games have their own pages: Gameplay Demos That's why most games aren't finished, it means I'm still not satisfied with
the core gameplay. Below are small games and tech demos.

Fourth Unity3D game, player is a digital ship and must defeat the Boxer King using it's minions. Controls: Mouse & buttons.

Third Unity3D game, player controls Nanita and must capture hearts. Use the friendly cats. Controls: Mouse for direction.

Valley Of Pandora
Second Unity3D game, player controls Elleana and must defeat all black Dragoons. Controls: Mouse for turning & ASDW for movement.

First Unity3D game, player is an attack plane. Player must defeat all invading alien ships. Mouse controls direction, left button is attack.

A melee and animation test. The player can move around freely and the attack will differ from the direction the character is facing.

Free Movement Test
Free movement test for aircombat. Mouse is look, ASDW are the for the movement.
Middle mouse is rise, right mouse is lower.

Old Transformation Test
This is an old transformation test using the swap method.
When f is pressed, the object will swap to another object. The total of models is 4.